Our Work

We feed the hungry in two different ways. This is first done by individual and family distribution twice a week. If you are looking for places that help with food, God’s Portion Food Bank can help you. Second we give large volumes of food products to other food  banks, organizations that distribute food, and to groups that prepare and serve meals. We serve food banks in Kent, Tacoma, Yelm and much, much more.

A large portion of our work is obtaining the food we give away.  We have a network of many companies that donate. Some of our products are delivered to us but we also operate a group of trucks and semis that make several trips a week bringing in the supplies from multiple locations in and out of state.



Although we have no salaried personnel, we do have a lot of expenses.  As an example:  fuel, maintenance and insurance for our trucks exceed $100,000 a year per truck. We make a constant effort to seek out grant money, but a hefty portion of our funding comes from individuals and small companies.


Give Food

We welcome all donations. This can include a bag of things purchased along with your regular groceries or extra produce from your garden. Perhaps you are in a position with your company to send surplus or rejected shipments as a tax write off. However you give, it goes to the people who need it most.



We need CDL and box truck drivers, gleaners, mechanics, and grant writers. If you have time and a skill that you think would be useful to us and you would like to contribute, please let us know. We need your help.

Our distribution center exists to supply food to the individual or to families. . Although the offering varies, it always includes fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, bread and oftentimes, even something for the family pet. In addition, on two other days of the week, we bundle up thousands of pounds of food that goes to other organizations in various communities throughout our state that service many who need our help. For example: drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, senior centers, and groups that prepare meals to serve those in need.

We have over 200 volunteers, 60 of whom are regular volunteers. These people work as gleaners of the food that comes in, as truck drivers and other trades that provide maintenance on our vehicles and equipment. We have office help and people running forklifts. All of this is donated labor. There are no paid staff people. Despite our limitations, we distribute 1,100,000 pounds of food a month and we have plans to increase that number.

God's Portion: https://godsportion.org/